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Why switching is important for you?

Utility bills make up a big chunk of the household expenses for most of the people.

Nearly 2/3 of households are paying too much for their gas and electricity bills, normally because they haven’t changed supplier for some time, if not ever.

So the odds are that you’re paying more than you need to pay and trapped under the price cap.

To save on your energy bills has become more important than ever. We help you cut your utility cost by 40%.

We analyze the top energy providers to give you impartial and unbiased information on the best deals in your area.

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Keeping an Eye on The Market for You

We Believe in Customer Independence

  • We watch out for you, and keep an eye on the energy prices.
  • We keep you posted whenever the right deal for you arrives.
  • You will be notified when is the best time for you to switch and save.
  • We are impartial, unbiased and totally free.
  • Know that you’re in safe hands.

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How Switching Works?

Your energy switch process will be completed within 19 days.
We will take all the hassle for you, we will equip your new supplier to take all the administration.

Just a 5 minutes process

Put your postcode & provide some information about your energy usage, tariff plan and supplier.

We’ll search the market for you

We’ll help you find out how much you could save by switching. If you wish to switch with us, we’ll take care of the rest.

Switch & Save

Your gas and electricity will flow through the same pipes and wires, you wouldn’t even notice any change except in your pockets.

We search through the market to locate best deals and suppliers for you

We work with more than 50 energy suppliers including the big 6 to help you save your energy costs.

Keep an eye out for your energy savings!

We will guide you in a way that you would never have to overpay again.

Keep a Track

We will keep you posted on the developments of your switch on every step.

Cut Your Cost

We equip you to take advantage of cost cutting and finding out the best possible option for you.

Regional Price Check

We are known for our fair view of the cheapest energy deals in your area.

Gas & electricity

Switching Household Energy Supplies


We will take you with us step by step to help you find out what are the best possible electric and gas options for you. You will be required to fill our online questionnaire. Once you do that, you’ll be able to find the cheapest energy provider in your location.

Business energy

Save on Business Energy

We are not limited to domestic savings only, save on your business energy with us. Cost efficiency is the key to many businesses; why not start with the basics? Compare energy suppliers and save a huge chuck on your expense by switching to the best option for your business with us.

Guide To Your Online Energy Switch

You will be required to fill in the below mentioned information:

  • Your address.
  • Your average use of electricity.
  • Average gas usage if you wish to switch both services.
  • Your current supplier.
  • Your preferred payment schedule; quarterly or yearly.

Look for the cheapest in the list. Proceed with the selected supplier online.

Just note down your date of switching and meter reading, to avoid getting billed for the same electricity.

We will take care of the rest you just sit back, relax and think of what to do with the savings.

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Your electricity or dual fuel tariff will be either variable-rate or fixed-rate.

  • Variable tariff plans depends and changes with various factors such as oil. It’s not a time bound plan; to exit such plans you are free to exit this type of plan at any times.
  • Fixed-rate tariff plans have pre decided prices from the beginning, and how long the price plan will last for. If you wish to leave a fixed-rate tariff early, you may have to pay an extra exit fee.

We enable our customers to compare the suppliers and prices online to switch and save on their energy bills.

We help you compare both gas and electric prices . When you get both types of energy from the same supplier, it’s called a dual energy tariff plan.

Some energy providers offer a discount if you switch to a dual fuel tariff, However we  recommended that you check the price of buying your gas and electricity separately, too.

If you only want to compare gas deals and prices, you can choose this option at the start of the energy comparison process. If you select just gas, you’ll only compare gas prices and you won’t see any electricity tariffs.

If you’re looking to compare electricity suppliers alone, you can do so by choosing this type of energy when you start your comparison. This will show you a number of energy suppliers that have electricity tariffs without gas or dual fuel deals included.

Our free comparison services contains information that is regularly updated, we keep our eye on the fresh energy deals in the market. We aim to provide quick, free and completely unbiased information to hundreds of thousands of households across the UK and help them save their energy cost.

All you have to do is go through a quick questionnaire and we will list you the cheapest energy suppliers in London. You will be able to make a comparison on services and savings and switch online in not more than 5-10 minutes.

Most of the households decide to switch energy suppliers every week or every month. There could be many reasons to make such a decision. Some of the people may feel they’re getting a raw deal with their current provider. Some may wonder that they’re paying are a little too much? Some might have gone through a financial change.

By changing energy suppliers, you can get the benefits of a new customer. We equip you to take advantage of cost cutting and finding out the best possible option for you.

Moreover, you can get benefit of savings by just switching your energy plan as most of the suppliers are offering deals every month. This means you can stick to your current supplier and just change the tariff plan and save a lot of money. Run an online energy comparison with us to find out how much you can save now.

How to understand your energy bill

The key things to be aware of are:

  • Your tariff: your bill will show you the name of your tariff
  • Comparison rate: this highlights how much your tariff costs, so you can compare the rate
  • Energy consumption: how much electricity or gas you’ve used in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Terms and conditions: this is where you’ll find details such as any notice period, the conditions of your current price plan and everything else

How to save electricity and gas

  • Turn off anything left on standby
  • Turn down your heating or install a smart thermostat
  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Install a new boiler
  • Wash your clothes at lower temperatures
  • Invest in double glazing
  • Insulate your roof and/or walls

When it comes to your provider, loyalty doesn’t pay. To save on your bill, consider switching to a new and better supplier.

Categorically if you’re stuck with the same company for years and the same standard variable tariff plan, it’s high time to look for the options.

The standard variable tariff is amongst the most costly deals, but the good news is you can switch at any time without being penalized or fined.

Electricity suppliers charge different prices according to your region, even though they are providing the exact same service.

While there’s not much that you can do about the regional price changes, you can look for the cheapest provider in your locality by using our free online tools and ensure that you’re on the best possible electricity deal.

Once you have completed the form, we will contact your supplier on your behalf and forward your details to the new supplier.

Mark your reading to avoid billing twice. You will be notified when the switch has made via email. The process will take up to 21 days, sit back and relax we will take from here.

No. When you’ve chosen a new deal, your new supplier will handle the switching process. They’ll contact you to let you know what date you’ll be transferred over, and they’ll contact you around the switching date to ask for a meter reading. They’ll pass this on to your old supplier so they can send you a final bill. You don’t need to contact your old supplier, as the new supplier will handle everything for you.

Yes. When you close your account with your old supplier, they will send you a final bill. Once this payment has gone out of your account, you should cancel your Direct Debit. If your account is in credit, the supplier should send you the balance.

Don’t let the price cap fool you, you can save much more if you compare electricity prices and switch to a better/cheaper electricity deal.

An average household with average usage can currently save around 289-350  by switching to one of the best electricity providers.

We believe in client independence, even with the ongoing price cap we help customers to take control of their bills and switch to a better yet much cheaper tariff plan.

You can get all the best electricity deals by comparing with us and processing by our hassle free, unbiased and free of cost comparison platform.